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UP BOX+ 3D printer is an extended version of UP BOX. Since the launch of the UP BOX, we have been carefully listening to our customers’ feedback, and made changes to meet the customers’ need. The UP BOX+ features Tiertime’s latest innovations based on our understanding of 3D printing industry. Together with the newly launched UP Studio Software, UP BOX+ is offering new functionality which is unique in 3D printing market.


Overview of new features

* High printing quality with up to 100 micron layer thickness.

* Built-in HEPA filtration System to reduce 3D printing air emissions and provide healthy and safe 3D printing environment.

* Black-out/resume function, when power is cut or printer powered down mid-print, UP Studio will have ability to resume.

* Auto-pause upon filament run-out detection

* WIFI connection, enabling better user control of the 3D printer via mobile APPs

* Better filament support, adopted bigger filament reel up to 1KG and supports for 3rd party’s filament



Printing Technology            Melted Extrusion Modeling(MEM)

Print Head                     Single, with quick change mechanism

Layer Thickness                0.1/ 0.15/ 0.20/ 0.25/ 0.30/ 0.35/ 0.4mm

Layer                          Automatically generated, easy to remove and fine-tunable

Build volume                   255 x 205 x 205 mm(W x H x D), 10″ x 8″ x 8″(W x H x D)

Platform Leveling               Fully automatic platform leveling and nozzle height detection, no human intervention is required

Build Platform Type             Heated, with Perforated Print Board or UP Flex Print Board

Untethered Printing             Yes

Air Filtration                    Built-in HEPA filter – removes micro fine particles and 3d printing fumes

Blackout Recovery              Pauses print when power blacks out, and resumes it after power backs on.

Filament Run-out Recovery      Pauses print when filament runs out, and resumes it after filament is reloaded

Advanced Features              On-board File Storage, Door Open Alert, Active heart beat mood lighting

– provides visual feedback of the print status

Average Noise                  51dB – as quiet as your fridge

Bundled Software               UP Studio, iOS APP (iPad / iPhone)

Compatible Formats             USB, WIFI

Operating System               Win 7/8/10, Mac OS, ISO

Power Supply/Power Adapter    110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 220 W

Mechanical                      Chassis Metal frame with plastic case, enclosed.

Weight                          8 KG (20.3LB)

Dimensions                     255 × 365 × 385mm (W×H×D)

Warranty                       1-Year limited, parts only manufacturer’s warranty included. Optional extended warranty available.

*H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

What’s in the box:


500g spool of ABS filament (1.75mm)

Tiertime power supply 220W & power cable

UP Flex 250 print board (2)

Cell board for UP BOX+ (2)

Quick Start Guide

1kg Filament Cover & 1kg filament holder to support bigger filament reel up to 1KG

Tool Kit: Calibration card, UP Flex Tips, USB cable, Spare Nozzle & Nozzle Wrench, Gloves, Scraper, Pliers, Micro SD Card & Card Reader, hex wrench & spare screws,

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